Library 2.0™


A table is more than a flat surface. It's a place where discussions arise and ideas are shared. It’s where people come together to work, make decisions and learn from one another. Bretford has a breadth of tables for libraries and student commons that are designed to support collaboration, encourage productivity and incorporate evolving technology. From study groups to training sessions to coffee breaks, we have tables in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes to fit any library application.



Very few rooms are complete without a seating option. Think about it. There is a place to sit almost anywhere you go. Whether for a place to rest or an area to work, comfortable seating is essential. Libraries are no exception. For informal conversations, training or studying, Bretford has the seating to suit your space.


Book Trucks

Bretford has an extensive line-up of book trucks that are versatile, mobile, functional, and reliable. Many of our models are shippable via UPS so delivery is trouble-free. A variety of shelf sizes, color options, and rolling/locking casters, plus a 12-year warranty ensure that you get a dependable solution for your library. It's utility on wheels.


A display. A storage space. A transportation piece. Your most valuable materials and technology equipment have a place of their own in our carts. Pieces are mobile and come in multiple configurations with adjustable shelves, lockable cabinets, and sturdy construction. You depend on technology to get things done. Rely on Bretford for safe solutions.


Desks and Presenters

Orchestrating today's high-technology learning environments requires librarians to manage much more than students. They’re adding new forms of media, collaboration, and discussion to their responsibilities. Bretford provides presenters that help instructors guide, coordinate and lead interactive classrooms, media spaces, and student commons.


Boards and Privacy Screens

Sometimes it's the simplest solution that provides the greatest results. With double-sided boards that attach to library walls or easily roll around the room, your patrons’ presentations can be supported from every angle. By adding flexible, lightweight privacy screens, you can create an environment that's free from distraction without sacrificing the space for collaboration and communication.



Allow your tables, carrels and circulation desks to reach their full potential by outfitting them with all the technology support you need. Adding power is made simple with electrical components by Bretford. Multiple outlets and surge and overload protection ensure a flexible, safe use of power in any library space. Whether your looking for a simple power strip to plug into an outlet or are interested in a more permanent hardwired solution, you’ll find what you need to help your patrons get the most out of their library experience.