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Learn how the physical learning environment can spark students' interest and help them think beyond.

Watch Hillbrook iLab, a 2-year research project investigating the impact of the physical environment on learning.


What We Discovered

Educators are challenged with providing the optimal environment to support high-impact learning in the 21st Century Classroom. Twenty-first century skills and a proliferation of mobile devices are revolutionizing the ways students learn and interact — in the classroom, library and common areas of the school.


At Bretford, we're designing the technology-enabled furniture that supports this revolution of 21st Century Learning. Our solutions are purpose-built for interaction, so people can connect — to technology, to new ideas, to new relationships, to each other — with greater agility and efficiency.

The Research Summary

The changing paradigm of education and learning has moved from the structured, standardized, factory model of the industrial era to the mobile, networked, personal learner focused model of the digital age. Clearly, learning spaces need to change to support, enable and enhance the new learning paradigm.

The Hillbrook iLab Research Summary offers insight into how highly agile learning spaces can support the new learning paradigm. Fill out this form to request one today!

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