MOTIV™ Modular Soft Seating Benches

Soft. Stylish. Inviting. Beneath the seamless curves and captivating colors and fabrics of our MOTIV seating lies the support of premium foam and tailored upholstery.

  • Power:  Add two Powermat wireless charging units as an option.
  • Finish Options:  Benches can come with or without a laminate or veneer top.
  • Fabric Options: Select from our wide variety of fabrics and leathers to create the ideal look for your space. 
  • CarbonNeutral® Certified Product 

Wireless power technology has arrived, transforming EDU2.0 furnishings into readily accessible, invisible power stations. PowerMat’s proprietary design innovates increased functionality and convenience into virtually any environment.

  • Wireless: Powermat’s inductive coupling model for energy transfer eliminates wires, cords and hassle.
  • Smart: Powermat senses when a device is fully charged and halts power delivery effectively eliminating energy waste.
  • Guaranteed: Powermat is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Duracell Powermat cable is 8'6" from base of Powermat receiver to power receptacle.